Text My QuickBase and QB Triggers help field technicians update Work Orders in QuickBase


We have a client that utilizes QuickBase to track Work Orders, which are basically tasks that field service technicians are assigned whenever a device at one of their client sites requires service.  Once the service technician completes the work he/she closes out the Work Order in QuickBase when they get back to the office or when they have access to a laptop/pc.   

Our client was looking for a way to have his service technicians close out and update their Work Orders in a more timely manner and without having to use a pc/laptop to do so. 

Our solution...Text My QuickBase and QB Triggers!


We configured our "Text My QuickBase" tool to accept and process text and/or email messages sent to a dedicated address setup for that client.

We designed a "QB Trigger" to do the following:

  •  read and parse the text message in the expected format:  Work Order#:Notes from Service Tech

  • verify that the text message is in the correct format as stated above.

  • verify that the sender of the text is authorized to perform this process

    • we added a field called "text id" to the existing Resources table in the application to associate a text address with each service technician.

    • every text message comes in with the text id and this id is unique to the phone it is being sent from.  This allows us to know who sent the request.

    • If the "text id" is not found in this table then the Trigger will not process that request.

  • verify that the work order # exists in the Work Order Table.

  • update the Work Order record, set the Completed field to be checked and include the service technicians notes from the text message in the Notes field on the work order record.

  • we also send a text message to a dedicated text id to alert that person that a text message was received and processed.

  • If there are any errors along the way a text message is also sent to that dedicated text id:

    • invalid text format

    • unauthorized texter

    • work order not found

  • That's it!


The service technicians close out their work orders once they get back into their vehicles.  The owner is notified right away when the work is completed.  Billing personnel have these service items ready and available for invoicing the clients prior to the end of the business day.

Quote from Client

"Using the triggers that Keith and Todd put together for us we now have real-time updates to our Customer Service Database as to when calls are being completed. We will be developing more triggers soon as it is a great inexpensive way to capture data from any of our techs in the field without the costs of equipment."

Written by: QB Tools admin

February 17, 2011 11:39 AM