Why QuickBase Tools?

While QuickBase is a robust, highly configurable database platform with many features and functions to run just about any type of application you can think of, we've identified some opportunities for enhancing the user experience.  We've developed a few "tools" that we believe compliment the core platform and allow you to create even more powerful QuickBase applications.

Below is a list of these tools, to view a Price List please register by clicking on the "Register" button above.  Registration only takes a few seconds and will provide you with access to additional information.  If you prefer not to register then contact us and we'll be happy to email you a price list.

Generate Word Documents from QuickBase that can be printed, stored and edited for other purposes.

Exact Forms Plus!


QuickBase provides users with the ability to print forms with it's "Exact Forms" functionality. We've taken that concept to the next level by allowing users to generate Microsoft Word or PDF Documents from QuickBase.

QuickBase "Exact Forms" will generate an html based page integrating your QuickBase data with a template that you create using a "macro enhanced" version of Microsoft Word, the rendered page can then be printed from your browser.

Our tool uses the similar concepts, without having to install any client side macros, and the final output from our tool is a Word or PDF Document that can be printed and/or stored for other purposes. The documents are available for further manipulation if necessary or to provide non-QuickBase users with access to them.

We offer the ability to store the documents in QuickBase itself, on your local webserver or with other web based data storage services such as Amazon S3.

Advanced delivery options for Email Notifications and Reminders

QuickBase Courier


QB Courier was designed to provide enhanced functionality when it comes to sending email 

notifications and reminders to users of your QuickBase application(s) AS WELL as NON users of your QuickBase application(s). 


A QuickBase application is used to define the requirements of each message "configuration".  Each individual "configuration" determines how, when and why messages are to be sent out for records in your QuickBase application(s).


There is a "Batch" component, an "On-Demand" component and a "Triggered" component to QB Courier which provides you with plenty of flexibility for controlling when email communications should be delivered.

STAMP variable data into PDF Files

PDF Stamper


PDF Stamper allows you to start with an existing PDF file and add variable data to it from your QuickBase application.   


Maintain the look and feel of your business brochures and documents while including variable data from QuickBase in fixed locations throughout the PDF.

Compare all of our Amazon S3 add-ons...

Upload your data files to Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 - Basic

This tool allows you to upload your data files to Amazon S3.  Once they are in S3, a link to those files within your QuickBase table will allow you a single click download of your data file as well.  Your users have no idea that the files are not stored in QuickBase!

Upload your data files to Amazon S3 and add versioning capabilities.

Amazon S3 - Document Management

This tool is a more advanced version of the Amazon S3 Basic tool.  The additional features provide you with versioning capabilities of your files stored in Amazon S3.  So you get the same upload/download capabilities with the additional benefit of Document Management.  You can also lock a document so other users can't upload over your current version of the document.

Upload Multiple Data Files to Amazon S3

Amazon S3 - Multifile


This utility allows you to select more than 1 file at a time to be uploaded to Amazon S3 and associated to the

current record you are editing in QuickBase. 


Transfer files stored in QuickBase File Attachment fields to Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 - File Attachment Conversion


This is a one time service tool that will transfer files stored in QuickBase File Attachment fields to Amazon S3.  If you're concerned about reaching File Attachment space utilization limits, let us run our tool against your application(s) to move your files into a more cost effective storage solution.

Couple this one time service tool with our Amazon S3 tool so that you can download and upload seamlessly to Amazon S3 after the conversion is done.

Upload MULTIPLE data files to QuickBase.

File Attachment MultiFile Upload


Upload and associate multiple files to a single record in your QuickBase table AND enter additional meta data for each individual file once uploaded.  For each file selected to be uploaded, a new record is inserted into a child table. There is a file attachment field on that child table and it will be updated to include the file for each record created. Additional metadata can also be captured for each file.

Map multiple locations within Google Maps.

QB Maps


This tool loads up many locations from a QuickBase database, plots them, and allows for additional data for each location stored in your QB table to be available right within the map.

Imagine clicking on a Google Map pin and seeing your QuickBase data appear in the popup window. You can also click a link within that popup window and we'll take you right back to your QuickBase record.

Trigger Actions when Events occur.

QuickBase Triggers

This tool will execute predefined actions against your QuickBase when a record is Added, Modified or Deleted. The QB Trigger can be designed to perform one or many actions against your QuickBase when fired. We take advantage of the QuickBase Email Notification functionality to fire "QB Triggers".

Scheduling with Google Calendar

Google Calendar for QuickBase

This tool will execute predefined actions against your QuickBase when a record is Added, Modified or Deleted. The QB Trigger can be designed to perform one or many actions against your QuickBase when fired. We take advantage of the QuickBase Email Notification functionality to fire "QB Triggers".

Send, sign, track and store documents in your QuickBase application.

DocuSign for QuickBase


DocuSign for QuickBase is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to send, sign, track and store documents in the your application. Fully integrated with QuickBase, DocuSign reduces paper waste, shortens the sales cycle, and increases close rates.

Transfer your QuickBase transactions to your QuickBooks software

QBase to QBooks


Want an easy way to import your QuickBase transactions into QuickBooks? Do you want to save time by eliminating duplicate data entry from orders gathered from your QuickBase application?


Then our QBase to QBooks add-on may be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

Create mobile apps that work on iOS and Android phones/tablets

Mobile Apps for QuickBase


While Mobile QuickBase has been a great addition to the platform, sometimes it is necessary to

create very specific targeted mobile applications for your QuickBase application. Let us design a low cost, very unique application that works inline with your QuickBase application.


We will configure your existing applications to be more "mobile ready".


These apps will work on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Trigger Actions when Events occur.

Text My QuickBase

Access your QuickBase data from a text message! Read, Update, Insert and/or Delete data just by sending a text message. Mobile devices capable of sending text messages can now access QuickBase data with nothing to install on the device itself.

Create Detailed Documentation for your QuickBase Application(s).

QuickBase Documentor


QB Documentor was designed to provide QuickBase application administrators with the ability to  easily generate QuickBase database documentation.

You can create documents in Microsoft Word/PDF or view the information in a familiar QuickBase application format. Information about table, field and report definitions and dependencies are automatically included, and you can add further descriptions about your QuickBase as needed.

Create Entity Relationship Diagrams for Applications

ER Diagrams


The ER Diagrams tool was designed to provide QuickBase application administrators with the ability to

easily generate Entity Relationship diagrams.  The ability to create of visual representation of your applications tables and relationships is something that database administrators expect from a database platform.

Convert your existing Microsoft Access Database into a QuickBase application.

Microsoft Access Upsizer

This one time service tool will convert your existing Microsoft Access Database into a QuickBase application. It automatically generates a new QuickBase application, creates all tables including RELATIONSHIPS, fields with their corresponding QuickBase field types assigned and a standard data entry form for each table.  It will also create a "subform" on that standard form to include any related data.

This will save you HOURS of development time when choosing to move from Access to QuickBase.

We've taken the MS Access Northwind sample database and converted it...take a look at the demo to see the converted application.

Convert your existing Microsoft Access Database into a QuickBase application.

Signatures for QuickBase 


Electronically sign QuickBase records and store the captured signature image in a file attachment field. If you are looking to capture a signature and attach the saved image to a record in your QuickBase application, Signatures for QuickBase can help you achieve that functionality.  The saved signature can then be embedded in an Exact Forms Plus document.​

Manage your Calendar entries with greater flexibility.

The Scheduler

If you are currently using the core QuickBase Calendar you have probably thought...Can I see my Calendar in a daily or weekly view? Or maybe you thought...Can I drag and drop a calendar entry from 8:00am to 10:00am instead of having to edit the record and change the time on a separate form? Well you can do those things and more with our "Scheduler" tool.

Include HTML without haing to know proper HTML tags.

HTML Editor

Include HTML within your multi-line text fields without having to know the proper HTML Tags. Bold, italics, underline your text and more! Our HTML Edior provides you with a familiar interface that allows you to simply highlight your text and click a button for your editing needs!