This tool is more than just mapping a single location with Google Maps, our QB Maps tool loads up many locations from a QuickBase database, plots them, and allows for additional data for each location stored in your QB table to be available right within the map.  So imagine clicking on a Google Map pin and seeing your QuickBase data appear in the popup window.  You can also click a link within that popup window and we'll take you right back to your QuickBase record.  We also let you control the pushpins so you can color-code or alpha-code your locations so they can be visually identified.


  •  View locations from 2 tables on a single map.       

  • Pass in a  target location and find all locations surrounding it within a specified radius (in miles). The target location and surrounding locations do not have to be in the same QuickBase table.

QB Maps

Here is a sample map from the Demo Application:

View a Google Map that shows multiple locations
from your QuickBase table(s).