Juiced Integrates QuickBase with eFax for Pharmacy application.

Written by: QB Tools Admin

April 29, 2011 8:30 PM


Our client was already using our Exact Forms Plus! tool to generate pdf documents from their QuickBase application containing the details of Prescription Orders that they process for doctors offices.  The next step in the order process requires someone to print the pdf document and fax it to the requesting doctor or download it and email it for verification and approval of the order.

Our client was looking for a way to streamline this process, taking away the manual steps to get the order in the doctors hands for approval as quickly as possible. 

Our solution...Exact Forms Plus!, QB Triggers and eFax







How it works...

When the order is entered into QuickBase, the sales rep selects the method of delivery to the doctor; fax / email / fax and email.  After entering the details of the order, the sales rep generates a pdf version of the order using Exact Forms Plus!.  A QuickBase email notification fires off an email to a dedicated email address monitored by our QB Triggers tool.  The QB Trigger is designed to download the pdf file from the QuickBase record, attach it to a new email and send it to eFax.  eFax takes care of the fax process, sending the attached document to the doctors fax machine.  QB Triggers handles the email piece, attaching the file to an email addressed to the doctor.

Thats it!...Process streamlined by QuickBase Tools and eFax®