HTML Editor

QuickBase allows you to include HTML tags within your text fields but you need to know the proper html tags to take advantage of that functionality.  Our HTML Editor for QuickBase provides you with a familiar interface (WYSIWYG) that allows you to simply highlight your text and click a button to bold, italicize, underline, change font color,etc.  Include bulleted and ordered lists, insert html tables, images, hyperlinks and more. 


Some other uses:

  • helps with formatting text fields that can be used in Exact Forms Plus! templates, Exact Forms templates and QuickBase Email notifications when you want to include html in your output documents and messaging.  

  • HTML Editor for QuickBase is used in our Courier for QuickBase portal application to help you create very professional looking email notifcations.

  • You can also include the fields on your QuickBase forms  to dress up your QuickBase UI.  (there are some limitations with respect to displaying certain HTML tags on QuickBase forms)

Include HTML within your multi-line text fields without
having to know the proper HTML Tags. Bold, italics, underline
your text...and more!