Amazon S3 Overview

We offer an alternative to QuickBase File Attachment fields when you need to store data files associated to your QuickBase records.  File attachment storage space can be very costly, we help minimize this cost by allowing you to use a separate web based storage service from Amazon called Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).  


You signup for an AmazonS3 account and pay Amazon directly for your file storage usage, $0.095 per GB per month (that's less than 10 cents per month!), you pay us a monthly hosting fee to provide the integration between Amazon S3 and your QuickBase application.  


So your data files are stored in your AmazonS3 account, we do not store them for you, we provide you with the integration service between QuickBase and Amazon S3.


Amazon S3 Options


We have a few add-ons that help you use Amazon S3 instead of QuickBase File attachment fields for data file storage.  They vary in functionality and the one to use really depends on what options you are looking for.